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Deb Lawrence

Artist Statement

Deb Lawrence was born in the US and lives outside Philadelphia in an historic farmhouse and barn, home to her studio. Lawrence’s abstract paintings combine drawing, painting, and collage in decidedly authentic ways. Simple forms take on organic qualities which feel lively and personal, despite their abstract quality. Her paintings portray an intuitive, intentionally naive quality characterized by spontaneous mark making and splashes of overlapping color. In a fitting nod to sustainability, repurposed antique linen and recycled brown paper bags are manipulated and collaged to create depth and dimensionality, then left outside to wave and flail, creating fresh marks imprinted by the wind. Inspired by nature and reminiscent of Matisse’s cutouts, hand drawn and painted collaged elements serve as stepping stones, an outgrowth of her frequent walks in the woods and fields behind her studio. Layered, pieced, and creased her work deals with our struggle to feel comfortable in our own skin in the unpredictable world around us by honoring the soulful beauty of our blemishes.

Deb Lawrence received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where she grew up, and her Doctorate from CWRU in Cleveland, Ohio, along with a mentorship in studio art from Gerald Vandevier, Professor Emeritus, Cleveland Institute of Art. She has exhibited throughout the United States and her work has been acquired by private and public collections.